Custom metalworking

Together to give a new dimension to your projects

Metalwork specialist, we allow our customers to find a reliable subcontracting solution in Eastern Europe.

Thanks to our presence to our people and equipments we supply our clients with the better quality price rate possible.

Railing, fences and staircases are among the most requested, however we will answer with pleasure and if possible to your most varied demands.

who are we?

DME is a locksmith based in Slovakia and Bulgaria, whose customers are some French locksmith or general building companies. 

Our team is based in France (3 areas), Bratislava and Sofia. 

Administrative contact:

We are mostly French and English-speaking, bur we speak also English, German, Slovak and Italian.

Our people: our added value.
Over the years we have developed strong team with various know-how and skils, but with constant values: seriousness, skills and the financial sustainability.




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Nous pouvons réaliser l'étude et la fourniture de vos projets. 


Garde-corps, habillages de façades...


Railings and fences

Railings and fences

Railings and fences are our core business. 

Made out of Inox, Aluminium and mostly steel, year after year we became specialist and we are currently producing a huge quantity of railings and fences. 

Giving us your order you will take benefits of our experience: quick and reliable production, labelling, finishing, packaging...we optimized and secured each production stage until your warehouse. 

We particularly reached an excellent finishing level, from a perfect cleaning process, to our high class powder coating line (E-coating+Qualicoat paint), it looks good and for a long time!

Collaborating with us, you will also notice the quality of our designers and the strictness of our projects managers.

Wall and ceiling cladding

Wall and ceiling cladding

From a design aluminum ceiling until facade for a complete building, along with letter signs (huge store sign letters), the possibilities offered by the know-how and the equipment of our partners are numerous.

With the same strictness and the same quality processes we supply to our customers some exotic works by depending on the nature or their purpose.

If we cannot obviously make everything, we can make a lot: make sure you send us your price request!



Industrial or rescues staircases: we are able to take care of most of the projects. 

The focus of attention will vary depending on the purpose of the stairs to realize, the fact remains that quality controls will be done before shipment: dimensional, qualitative (paint, welding, curves, edges…), packaging…

If possible an assembly is made in pre-shipment workshop.

We are capable of supplying you gracefully diverse quality certifications (qualicoat, welders), certain demands can cause additional costs. Thank you for indicating us latest with your order the required documentation.

To note that we collaborate with a French engineering consulting firm specialized in staircase for the design. 


DME - Metal Works

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